Le opere di Elena Redaelli (Erba, 1981), in bilico tra morbide sculture e delicate installazioni ambientali, trasformano lo spazio misurandosi con il racconto puro della forma. Nella poetica dell’artista il tessuto dell’arte si risveglia sotto grovigli di fili e sapienti intrecci, assumendo una dimensione mutevole e peculiare: un universo di soffici bozzoli, tentacolari reti-farfalle e sgargianti arazzi, riproduce i simboli di un alfabeto naturale e culturale.

Elena Redaelli (Italy, 1981)

I’m an Italian textile, environmental artist living and working between Europe and Asia.

My practice is based on textile sculpture and installation created through a deep relationship with place (environmental art) and society (participatory, socially engaged projects).

I research textile as a carrier of meaning, for its potential to narrate stories, create connections, relate to people, place, tradition, history.

My works are often carried out as collaborative projects implemented by the participants.

Art is considered for its transformative potential and textile as a medium that stimulate reflection, generating new connections towards community empowerment and social change.

The art object steps beyond market and authorship by strengthening its focus on research and processes, towards a critical intervention in the social reality.

In my exploration, Art and Craft merge in a combination of meaning and material production.  I value and utilise ancient practices, adapting them to our modern society in a critical way.

My large scale, immersive installations combine slow paced production techniques and new media.

I care about environmental sustainability researching and promoting the use of natural, recycled and local materials, and I feed my practice with multicultural influences.

Since 2010 I exhibited internationally: Norway, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Korea, Australia, China, Taiwan, Russia and I have been an active member of international environmental art movements.

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